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POW began

in 1995 when Women's Circus member Jean Taylor, assisted by circus trainers, conducted a 6 week series of workshops in circus skills for women over 40. These workshops culminated in a performance - Act Your Age. Afterwards, members decided to continue as an autonomous group and became the Performing Older Women's (POW) Circus.


POW is

run as a collective of women, currently aged between 41 and 67 years, who train in circus skills. POW members have participated in small performances such as the 2016 White Night: Circus Circus cabaret. Annual 2 week long shows were held until 2006, and some toured to regional Victoria and Sydney.


POW offers training members

the opportunity to improve their strength and flexibility in a friendly environment. Weekly acrobalance classes encourage and support members to extend themselves and achieve their personal best.
Occasionally introductory classes or intensives are run in other disciplines such as: German wheel, stilt walking, aerials and performance.


Physical training classes are

led by highly skilled and talented trainers with experience in circus arts/ performance or related disciplines. Participants do not need any previous circus experience but do need to be enthusiastic about developing these skills in a supportive group of women aged 40+.
Trainers have regard for any modifications that need to be made in training for 'older bodies' and training is tailored to suit the skill levels of participants.
POW offers a first class for free where any woman interested in 'checking POW out', can participate to help her decide if it's right for her. Information about training days, times, venue and costs can be found by emailing info@womenscircus.org.au

Term 1 starts: 1/02/20 (10 weeks). POW may cancel a class occasionally. Please book in via email powcircus@yahoo.com.au


POW inspires by

offering small and large scale shows which audience members have described as "unbelievable" and "moving". Most circuses show people doing the impossible. POW shows older performers and musicians achieving the possible (and sometimes the difficult as well).

In the words of a young audience member watching performers on trapeze,
"I didn't know grandmas could do that!"

POW's objectives are

  • to challenge ageism and ageist assumptions
  • to promote wellbeing and fitness for women over 40 of any sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, experience and physical ability
  • to advance the status of women by embracing feminist perspectives and fostering lesbian visibility
  • to have fun and work safely


More information about POW's structure and decision making processes in POW Structure and Decision Making.

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